Kakumagwa Bon Dance


About Kakumagawa Bon Dance

"Kakumagawa Bon Dance" in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture was designated as an intangible folk cultural property of the former Omagari City in 1967, and is currently an intangible folk cultural property of Daisen City. Its origin is old, and it is said that the town prospered in the Edo period with water transportation on the Omono River. Members of the Bon Dance Preservation Society, local nursery school children, elementary and junior high school students in matching yukatas and net hats to the accompaniment of flutes and drums on the grounds of the former Arakawa family, one of the Kakumagawa Gosanke, a former landowner. dance gracefully and gracefully around the bonfire. The dancing circle is not only for locals, but also for tourists and Bon Dance enthusiasts from other districts, so anyone can participate.

At the local Kakumagawa Nursery School, Kakumagawa Elementary School, Fujiki Elementary School, and Omagari Minami Junior High School, practice sessions are held by the Preservation Society, and the traditional dance and musical accompaniment are passed down every year. I hope that you will take a look at the historic Kakumagawa Bon Dance and dance with us.

Event Contents
OrganizerKakumagawa Bon Dance Preservation Society
Contact Us090-7076-7538 (Secretariat Sasaki)
Event dateAugust 14th every year
Open time7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
VenueKakumagawa Town, Daisen City Kakumagawa Gosanke Former Arakawa Family
RainHeld in light rain, held at Kakumagawa Community Center in case of rain
ParkingYes (Please refer to the parking lot map)
OthersYukata rental available
NoticesThe date has been changed from this year (2023)

Kakumagawa Bon Dance Preservation Society

The Kakumagawa Bon Dance Preservation Society holds dance and accompaniment practice sessions every year to pass on the traditions and techniques. In cooperation with local elementary and junior high schools, we also provide guidance to children. We also carry out public relations activities with the hope that many people will see the Kakumagawa Bon Dance.


About the venue

The Kakumagawa Bon Dance is held on the premises of the former Gosanke Arakawa family, which is lined up on the main street of Kakumagawacho. The venue is one of the three former landowners of the Arakawa, Kitajima, and Hongo families, which are currently registered tangible cultural properties. During the event, you can also visit the adjacent Kitajima House and Hongo House.

In December, the 6th match of the Shogi Ryuo match will be held at the Hongo family, and "Souta Fujii Kisei" is scheduled to come.


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