Kakumagwa Bon Dance

Sightseeing information around Kakumagawa

Kakumagawa Town has facilities and places where you can feel history and culture. I think you can enjoy seeing the history of this town, which prospered as a river port in the old days, and the old houses of the former landlords. If you come to Kakumagawa Bon Dance, please take a look.

The three former landlords of Kakumagawa Town

Adjacent to the Kakumagawa Bon Dance venue, the Former Arakawa Family, there are three former landowners, the Former Kitajima Family and the Former Hongo Family. The Former Hongo House is an old house where the Emperor Meiji once stayed, and is now a "National Registered Tangible Cultural Property". The Former Hongo House is open to the public and you can tour the inside.

The three former landlords are decorated with illuminations depending on the season, and you can enjoy a very fantastic atmosphere. In addition, events such as lighting up are held by the tourism department of Daisen City, so you can enjoy it in various ways.

Former Arakawa Family
(main venue)

Former Kitajima Family

Former Hongo Family
(National Registered Tangible Cultural Property)

Appearance of former Gosanke  Drawing: Katsura Abe


Hamagura Warehouse

It was a warehouse for storing rice and other items that was used by Kakumagawa Town when it prospered as a water transportation company. It is well-maintained while retaining the vestiges of that time, and there are many exhibits and photographs that show the history of Kakumagawa-cho in the old days. In addition, it is currently used for various events, etc., and is an important building in Kakumagawa Town. If you would like to visit, please contact the Kakumagawa Community Center.